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A film by Simcha Shtull

Back to the House of Tomorrow

A retake on the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway

Simcha Shtull is a Seattle-based filmmaker. Her husband and his business partner renovated the Class 1 historic Alexander Residence between 2020-2022, restoring it to its former glory.

"Back to the House of Tomorrow" premiered at Modernism Week (Feb. 2023) in Palm Springs, CA.

Interview on USModernist Radio (Architecture You Love), 02.20.23:
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The true story of a magnificent house
and the family who built it
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"Back to the House of Tomorrow" tells the story of a house important for its role in Palm Springs and Hollywood history, and for its personal themes of family and community, tragedy and renewal.  

The film reminds us of the architectural and historical significance of one of the most photographed homes in the City, designed by architect William Krisel for the family of renowned Palm Springs developer, Robert Alexander.  


Jill Alexander Kitnick recounts her childhood memories living in the home in the early '60s, a residence whose fame as the Elvis Presley Honeymoon Hideaway turned controversial over the years.

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What audiences are saying

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A moving documentary....
Gold Award Winner for
Documentary Feature, 
  Independent International
Film Awards (IIFA)

Best Documentary Feature, 2023    Los Angeles Reel Film Festival
A beautifully-told and
engaging story covering
so many surprising angles...
Nancy Angell, artist

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